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To be the voice and promote the mission of the Church among students in higher education by empowering campus ministers through formation, networking and resources.

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Catholic Campus Ministry Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization under the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

CCMA Awards Program

Exemplary Bishop - Reverend Charles Forsyth Award - Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan Award - Exemplary Program – Exemplary Administrator: - Msgr. Vincent Krische Award for Excellence in Development


Exemplary Bishop Award

Awarded Annually

As Catholic campus ministry across the country strengthens and grows, so many of us are supported and encouraged by our diocesan bishops. Each year at the USCCB's fall meeting of bishops, CCMA hosts a breakfast gathering of Catholic bishops to engage them in discussions on matters of high importance to the continued growth of Catholic campus ministry across the country. The highlight of the breakfast is the Exemplary Bishop Award, which is presented to a bishop nominated by his campus ministers, for his unwavering support to the advancement of Catholic campus ministry.

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The Reverend Charles Forsyth Award

Awarded in National Convention Years Only

The most prestigious award the Catholic Campus Ministry Association confers on a campus minister is the Rev. Charles Forsyth Award. Rev. Forsyth, or Charlie to his friends and colleagues, was a leader in campus ministry for three decades. He began as a Newman Chaplain after World War II, where he was wounded in action resulting in the loss of his right leg. Charlie became nationally known for his commitment to campus ministry.

Rev. Charles Forsyth, OSB
Among his many achievements, Rev. Charles Forsyth began a special ministry to minority students and initiated counseling services for all students. Rev. Charles Forsyth was very active in the National Newman Chaplain's Association and served as the transitional president between the National Newman Chaplain's Association and the forming of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association. After serving as the founding chair for CCMA, Rev. Charles Forsyth became the Director of the Campus Ministry Program in the Graduate School of Religious Education at Fordham University.

CCMA created the Rev. Charles Forsyth Award in 1974 and Charlie was its first recipient. Since that time, CCMA has bestowed the Forsyth Award on 27 campus ministers who demonstrated outstanding leadership in campus ministry on the local, regional and national level.

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The Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan Award

Awarded in National Convention Years Only

Archbishop Hallinan attended graduate school while he was bishop in Charleston, S.C. He was very active in working to eliminate racism in the South. He was also bishop and mentor to Joseph Cardinal Bernardin, who served as Archbishop Hallinan's auxiliary in Atlanta. In his many years of service to the Church, Archbishop Hallinan displayed a deep respect for higher education and actively promoted the Catholic intellectual life.

Archbishop Paul J. Hallinan
Archbishop Paul Hallinan was the first bishop for the Diocese of Atlanta, Ga. A native of Ohio, Paul Hallinan served the Church as a military chaplain, a campus minister and a bishop. After a distinguished career as a military chaplain, Paul served as Chaplain to the Catholic students at Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He was ordained bishop in October 1958, and served as the eighth bishop of Charleston, S.C. On March 29, 1962, he was installed as the first Archbishop of Atlanta and held the post until his death on March 27, 1968.

The national Newman Chaplain's Association established an Archbishop Paul Hallinan Award. In 1977 the Catholic Campus Ministry Association reclaimed this award for persons who have provided outstanding encouragement and support to campus ministry or the Association. CCMA grants this award to persons or groups who have, in the spirit of Archbishop Hallinan, significantly supported the growth and the development of campus ministry.

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Exemplary Program Award

Awarded Annually

Exemplary Program Awards are presented to campus ministry programs and activities that best exemplify campus ministry in the six aspects of campus ministry, as described in Empowered By The Spirit, and vocation ministry. The honor is awarded to the campus ministers and their ministries for outstanding programming in campus ministry.

Forming the Faith Community
Appropriating the Faith
Forming the Christian Conscience
Educating for Justice
Facilitating Personal Development
Developing Leaders for the Future

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CCMA's Higher Education Relations Committee

Awarded Annually

The Higher Education Relations Committee created the Exemplary Administrator Award in 2008. As our campus ministry sites exist to serve institutions of higher education, CCMA felt it necessary to recognize the good work of administrators at colleges and universities across the country. Qualified administrators are those who are extremely helpful to your ministry, consistently goes the "extra mile" to further the mission of Catholic campus ministry in higher education.

Qualities of an Exemplary Administrator may be:
  • Always keeps the mission of the college/university in mind
  • Effective and exceptional communication skills
  • Flexibility - Someone who is able to work with a variety of people in diverse settings
  • Respectful - Exhibits professional respect for all members of the college/university
  • Inclusive - Willing to work with anyone and everyone
  • A Lifetime Learner - This Administrator may not have all the answers, but he or she should be always willing and able to learn and grow with the help of others

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The Rev. Msgr. Vincent Krische Award for Excellence in Catholic Campus Ministry Development


The Rev. Msgr. Vincent Krische Award was created in honor of the Msgr. Krische for his life-long contributions to fundraising and development in Catholic campus ministry. This award is presented to the person who has made identifiable impact or contributions to the field of development in Catholic campus ministry in higher education. The Rev. Msgr. Vincent Krische Award was created to elevate and promote CCMA's Development Institute as a specialized professional development organization that compliments the work of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

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