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To be the voice and promote the mission of the Church among students in higher education by empowering campus ministers through formation, networking and resources.

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Apologetics, from the Greek apologia (“defense”), refers to the art of defending the faith. The Scriptures exhort believers to “always be prepared to make a defense [apologia] to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you, yet do it with gentleness and reverence” (I Peter 3:15). Whether one wants to share the faith or answer questions posed by a curious friend, the ability to articulate why we believe in what we believe is fundamental.


How can we know anything to be true? Can one reasonably believe in the existence of God? Are religion and science compatible? Why do Catholics “worship” Mary? How can a person confess his/her sins to a priest? There are questions frequently asked on any college campus—questions which Christian college students need to be prepared to answer with “gentleness and reverence.” In an age when Christianity is frequently misunderstood, if not challenged—and especially so on the typical college campus—the science of apologetics meets a gaping need.

Catholic Apologetics Website Links

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism (
The winner of numerous apologetics awards, this web site contains resources on topics far more diverse than its title suggests—perhaps the most comprehensive collection of links to apologetics articles and debate scripts on the Web. From works on philosophy to the occult, life issues to political matters, justification to Marian devotion, this page is an absolute gem. A great place to start research on any topic!

What the Church Teaches (
Hosted by Our Sunday Visitor, this site offers electronic versions of pamphlets on current issues such as stem cell research, terrorism, etc.

Catholic Answers (
This excellent web site of the California-based organization provides a large collection of apologetics articles and a search engine to boot. It also contains archived shows of “Catholic Answers Live”.

National Right to Life (
This page provides current news updates and articles on life issues such as abortion, human cloning, and euthanasia.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (
A large database containing an extensive collection of the works of the Church Fathers, Scriptural commentaries, spiritual writings and works of philosophy from various Christian traditions, Catholic as well as Protestant. Thankfully, a search engine is provided.

Electronic Bible Concordance (
An easy-to-use search engine for the entire Bible in the Revised Standard Version (RSV)

Other concordance resources:

Envoy Magazine (
Homepage to the apologetics magazine, this user-friendly web site features archives of past issues, topically-arranged apologetics articles and a discussion forum. The apologetics material will cover everything from non-Christian religions to New Age movements, from just war theory to Harry Potter.

Christian Apologetics Website Links

Who is Jesus: Outstanding apologetics presentation by Campus Crusade for Christ on uniqueness of Jesus Christ. Covers such topics as: fulfilled prophecy, the claims of Christ, his resurrection from the dead, etc.

Christ and the other religions:
Vatican web page that reviews how Jesus is viewed in various religions.

Prophecy concerning Christ:
Excellent and exhaustive "Jews for Jesus" website on biblical prophecies concerning the Messiah.

Connecting with the Divine:
An essay that compares Buddhism, Hinduism, New Age, Islam and Christianity; and addresses the question, do all religions lead to the same God?

Catholic Biblical Apologetics.
Lots of stuff dealing with a Catholic theology of Scripture--much attention is given to Catholic/Protestant debates concerning the relationship between Scripture, Tradition and the Church's Magisterium.

Apologetics Index: provides a database and glossary of information on cults, sects, new religious movements, doctrines, apologetics and counter-cult organizations. Issues addressed range from spiritual abuse to contemporary theological concerns. AI also includes ex-cult support resources, up-to-date religion news, articles on Christian life and ministry, and a variety of other features.